« The Red Eye » is Kamal Riahi’s initiative of shaking the book at ignorance and terrorism.


Diapositive1The motto of this intiative is to wage a cultural war on violence, ignorance and terrorism by means of « the book ».

The Red Eye is a cultural and social initiative. It makes part of the project of the Tunisian novelist Kamal Riahi named « very soon ». This plan has been launched by a great number of his readers who took shots of themselves accompanied by his novel « the Scalple ». The front cover of the novel ,in its third edition by Dar Asaqui, represents half a face. Readers took these photographs by raising the book near their faces to come out in a photo made of half their faces, half the face on the book cover aiming at stressing the value of « the book » in shaping our identity as it is the unique weapon, we own, against ignorance, tyranny, abuse, and terrorism. The book is that intimate, very close thing to us. It is also the friend and the eternal companion which we, fearlessly, bring closer to our faces as long as they are full of life. This plan comes in a time the reluctance of reading is getting more widespread in our arabic communities which would ultimately threaten our advancement and identity.
Goals :

« The Red Eye » conveys a number of messages, it is :

   – against the violence inflicted upon women.

   – against the intellectual terrorism and assasination.

   – against illiteracy and early dropping out from school.

   – against discrimination and racism.

It is for :

   – saving literature from misery, by « playing » and restoring its chief role as the fount of happiness.

   – the right of reading as a need , as essential and everlasting as that need of water and air.


As far as the novelist Kamal Riahi is concerned, he initiated this campaign by providing more than 500 copies of his books and donating one third of the revenues of his novels and critical books. He also declared his willingness to donate all the awards he will get in 2014 in the seminars he will take part in, in Tunisia as a lecturer or a chief literary workshops’ manager. He will, as well endeavor to organize conferences, meetings, shows and book fairs in order to support the needy children in Tunisia and he is waiting for the cooperation of the writers and artists to lead this initiative and its programs towards an ultimate success by gathering donations in the near future to equip needy children in the remote Tunisian villages with school supplies.


A propos kamelriahi

KAMEL RIAHI Kamel riahi: tunisian novelist and journalist , born in 1974. He works as a cultural correspondent for prominent universal broadcasting including; newspapers, televisions and news agencies. He worked as the head of translation department at Arab Higher Institute for Translation in Algeria .In 2010, he returned to Tunisia where he joined the ministry of culture and took charge of the cultural panel in important spaces in the Tunisian’s capital. In 2007, got the “Golden Alcomar” prize to the best novel named “the scalpel” in Tunisia.In 2009 he was the only winner in “the Beirut 39” literary contest organized by high festival foundation to choose only 39 best arab novelists .One of the best five writers under the age of forty selected to participate in “the Bouker’s competition for two rounds. He issued a set of literary and monetary books such as; “Gulls memory” , “Stole my face” , “the scalpel” , “the gorilla” , “the movement of narrative fiction and it’s climate” and “thus spoke Philippe lejeune” and “the novel writing of wasiney al aaradj”.Some of his works have been translated into French,English,Italian,Hebrew and Portuguese languages.
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